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AKY Property Pte Ltd

AKY Group of companies

Aky group of companies (AKYweb.com Pte Ltd incorporated in Singapore at 1992) step into the property line with launching of first property portal, www.johorproperty.com in johor in year 2006. In the same year our group managing Director, Mr. Ang Kian You is awarded a Spirit of enterprise award in Singapore.

This portal is the first property portal in johor which provide the total property platform for buy, sell and rent for all type of property including new launch project, resell housing, condominium, office, warehouse, factory and land. Up-to-date www.johorproperty.com have more than 150,000 visitor per month. The current registered member is around 10,000 members. With strong visitor traffic it generated a well known name among the agent, broker in johor property market.

In year 2011 the group Managing Director, Mr. Ang Kian You have decided to form a investor group to invest in Iskandar Westgate land. In the year 2012 AKY Property Consultant Sdn Bhd is formed. The company services including analyze the ROI return of investment of the Iskandar Westgate land, provide professional services in consulting the investor in financing, land surveying, land valuing as well as to coordinating with lawyer in legal matter. The initial intention is to gather all the member of www.johorproperty.com to form a investment group to invest the iskandar Westgate land. With 8 years experience gather from www.johorproperty.com, Mr. Ang Kian You had successfully invited first 10 investors to form a company to buy land in Iskandar Westgate land. The initial price per acre is Rm4.00 per acre and successfully sold partially in year 2012 at the price RM12.30 per acres.

Throughout the years AKY Property Consultants Sdn Bhd had successfully formed more than 38 companies gathering more than 100 investors from Malaysia, Singapore and China to invest in Land, Shop lot, housing, factory and Condominium.

The 38 companies which are holding more than 400 acres land in iskandar westgate and others properties at the current market value worth more than 200 million ringgit and more than 20% of the share is belong to our Group Managing Director Mr. Ang Kian You.

In year 2014, AKY group formed AKY Property Consultant Pte Ltd In Singapore to serve Singapore Clients. In the same year AKY group also formed AKY Property Co., Ltd in Nanning, Guangxi China. The purposes to form thus companies is to organize group of investor from China to ASEAN countries and from ASEAN Countries to China to invest in property.

In Nanning, Guangxi, China our company is setting up the first English property portal named www.guangxiproperty.com.